EU Framework VII: ECO2. Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems (WP leader, Lead PI and SSC member)


The ECO2 project aims to establish a framework of best environmental practices to guide the management of offshore CO2 injection and storage. A comprehensive monitoring concept for storage sites will be developed comprising innovative techniques to detect different modes and levels of leakage.

Through assessing the risks associated with storage of CO2 below the seabed, the ECO2 project will increase understanding of the potential effects of a leak on benthic organisms and marine ecosystems, as well as the subsequent action needed. Following this, scientists will have the necessary knowledge to produce a best practice guide for the management of sub-seabed CO2 storage sites.

Our scientists work on several research areas within ECO2, such as researching the effects of leakage on benthic species and the development of communication and literature to aid understanding about offshore CO2 storage.

Areas of research

  • Coastal Dynamic Geomorphology
  • Estuarine and Coastal Ecology and Environment
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