Water mass exchange between Changjiang Estuary and Subei Coastal water


The Changjiang Estuary (CE) and Subei Coastal Water (SCW) are close in locations,between which there exist active exchanges of water mass, sediments, and nutrients. In recent years, the severe macro-algal blooming events in SCW raised a fundamental question: where is the origin of nutrient-rich low-salinity water in SCW? It is thus essential to answer whether and how the Changjiang diluted water can extend to SCW. SCW locates north to CE, thus the possible extension of Changjiang diluted water to there is in a direction opposite to the effect of Coriolis forcing. Such a phenomenon is very unique and is very valuable to investigate. However, the dynamics controlling the water mass exchange between these two regions is poorly understood, and the observational data are also lacking. To this end, this study will use the combined methods of field survey and numerical simulation to investigate the characteristics, variations, and mechanisms of the water mass transport, freshwater transport, the transport route, and the associated residence time. Their responses to the river discharge, tide,and monsoon will also be investigated. The field survey includes a flux measurement across a transection and cruising measurement covering the shallow region of SCW.


Areas of research

  • Physical Oceanography

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